• Question: any advice on revision

    Asked by NoNicknameNick to Fran on 16 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Fran Zuch

      Fran Zuch answered on 16 Nov 2017:

      Well, that is a good question. I am still fine-tuning my revision process. Here is how I usually like to do it:
      About 4-6 weeks before the exam (depending on how much I have to revise), I will start looking through the chapters and check my notes, I will also check the assignments we wrote and especially go through those questions they ask you in the books. I will then prepare revision notes based on that.
      At the Open University, they are really good at telling you what you should have learned after reading the chapters and they give you great summaries at the end of each as well. So, if you read through those and you can explain the stuff, then great, not much revision needed. If I read through it and think “?!?!?” then I know I have to review that properly. Btw, if you read through the stuff again and it still doesn’t make sense, find another book or some online source like YouTube – there are so many people out there who can explain something and all of the sudden you are like – OMG – it finally makes sense 🙂
      After I done all that I will usually attend revision meetups or online tutorials (they will probably have similar things for you in school and definitely at Uni). It is just good to hear Tutors talking it through again or being able to talk it over with other peoples. Another great source I found is YouTube and similar, before my exam last year (it was Astronomy: so Stars, Galaxies and all) – I watched lots of videos on that topic.
      And the most important thing: check previous years exams, get familiar with the layout and how many minutes you will have per section. Make a plan and stick to it, I think I only got a Distinction in Maths last year because I stuck to my plan and did not get caught up in staying with that one question. I gave myself so many minutes per section and then I moved on, if I have time at the end, I can go back – but that will save your life and your sanity.