• Question: If you are interested in engineering what would you recommend studying or researching?

    Asked by Maya to Petros, Fran on 16 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Fran Zuch

      Fran Zuch answered on 16 Nov 2017:

      I think it is good to start with checking it out first, cause you never know what you might like or now. Okay, I will give you an example: Before I started my degree in Physics at the Open University I thought I would like experimental physics, turns out I don’t. I have had to complete a few experiments and went to Lab tours and went to CERN and stuff and yeah, turns out I am more into the thinking side of things. This really surprised me, so being faced with reality you will have an idea what you might like and you so have to like it, there is so much to gain from doing something you love.
      Another example, while doing this trip to CERN, the Student Organisation had also arranged for us to visit local Universities, there was one in Lausanne that was experimenting with Plasma Reactors (is supposed to replace Atom energy – which I always opposed), so I thought that is going to be a waste of time for me, but surprise surprise, this was the most interesting thing I have ever seen. I was so fascinated by their research, that I bought some books about it and this might actually change the direction I will choose after finishing my degree.
      Bottom line, I suppose – there is no right or wrong answer, get our there and try it.