• Question: is it cool to make so many inventions as you do,is it very hard?

    Asked by Engineer's let's go! to Pooja, Greg on 14 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Greg Chance

      Greg Chance answered on 14 Nov 2017:

      It can be hard at times, especially when things go wrong or don’t work out as you hoped. But you have lots of smart people around you who can help and you always find a way through.

    • Photo: Pooja Narayan

      Pooja Narayan answered on 15 Nov 2017:

      Hi there.. it’s definitely very cool to make something new and see it work as expected. It’s not too hard to make something if you have a complete understanding of what’s required. But when the full information is not present it can be hard. But nothing that a good brainstorming can’t fix..